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This 26 page toolkit is intended to be used by colleges and universities as a guide to creating a Zero Waste Campus. This toolkit contains resources regarding the concept of Zero Waste, Zero Waste management practices and a sample Zero Waste campus pledge and model policy. Zero Waste is an important journey for college campuses to undertake as it is a vital component of a healthy future for generations to come.

Starting a campus Zero Waste program is an asset to a collegiate sustainability effort and an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas production and create campus efficiencies. Whether you're an administrator or a student, starting this effort, requires a systematic approach. A full description on how to initiate this effort can be found at:

The toolkit contains 10 Zero Waste Business Principles that are the basis for evaluating the commitment of companies to achieve Zero Waste. They include:

1. Commitment to the triple bottom line
2. Use Precautionary Principle
3. Zero Waste to landfill or incineration
4. Responsibility: Takeback products and packaging
5. Buy reused, recycled and composted
6. Prevent pollution and reduce waste
7. Highest and best use
8. Use economic incentives for customers, workers and suppliers
9. Products or services sold are not wasteful or toxic
10. Use non-toxic production, reuse and recycling processes

The Zero Waste Campus Toolkit was created by: Mahala Ray, Danielle Hendrickson, Robyn Hathcock and Karyn Kaplan, of the University of Oregon Campus Zero Waste Program. Graphics and formatting by Charles Taylor-Love and Alex Fallenstedt, University of Oregon and Andrew Lentini from University of Georgia. This is a cooperative project between CURC and the University of Oregon Campus Zero Waste Program.

Copyright 2014 University of Oregon and College and University Recycling Coalition, All Rights Reserved. This work may be downloaded, printed, and distributed provided that (a) it is only for non-commercial purposes and (b) this copyright notice is not removed or obscured. The University of Oregon and the College and University Recycling Coalition retain all right, title and interest in and to this work.

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