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A Woolly School Garden (WSG) is everything a school needs to create an outdoor garden classroom and begin teaching gardening and nutrition! Woolly School Gardens use any sunny wall or fence to create a vertical edible garden, and the user-friendly curriculum allows teachers to easily teach their students how to grow their own food and make healthy food choices!

Our Do-It-Yourself vertical gardening kit is $1,000 and includes everything you need to start an outdoor classroom!

Our goal is to help thousands of schools plant their own gardens. We help plant modular gardens at schools across the nation through out Woolly School Gardens program. Schools just need to have one teacher or manager to oversee the program, a sunny wall or fence and $1,000 to get their own outdoor garden. The garden comes complete with 50 Woolly Pockets, do-it-yourself hardware and instructions, premium soil, organic seeds, compost tea, a planting chart and gardening manual and Nutrition and Garden Curriculum Lessons.

For schools that don't have the budget, Woolly provides easy fundraising suggestions and an online fundraising platform that schools may use to raise funds for their garden. Their goal is to help thousands of more schools land their own gardens over the next year.

For more information visit http://www.woollyschoolgarden.org

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Grades Pre K-12
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All Minnesota
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Woolly School Garden
4836 E. McDowell Rd. Suite 103
Phoenix AZ 85008
(877) 796-6559

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