Women's Environmental Institute (WEI)

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The Women's Environmental Institute at Amador Hill, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is an environmental research, renewal and retreat center designed to create and share knowledge about environmental issues and policies relevant to women, children and identified communities especially affected by environmental injustices; to promote organic and sustainable agriculture skill building and ecological awareness; and to promote activism that influences public policy and supports social change.

WEI focuses on the following programs:

  • Education Program;
  • Farm and Farming Program;
  • Growing Power Regional Farmer Training Center;
  • Environmental Justice/Community Advocacy Program; and
  • Eco-Retreat Center Program.

    These programs are dedicated to the following objectives: environmental, agricultural, food justice especially affecting women and children and economically challenged communities.

  • to create knowledge, scholarship and educational materials for those working on environmental, agricultural and food justice issues, especially related to women, children, and disproportionately impacted communities;
  • to become an information hub that organizes current research and writing on environmental, agricultural and food justice issues related to identified communities;

  • to demonstrate leadership in civic involvement, global responsibility and stewardship around environmental, agricultural and food issues at both the local and global level

  • to provide both on-site and off-site educational outreach in seminars and experiential learning workshops on practical activities related to sustainable organic agriculture, women's environmental health, and socio/agricultural issues
  • to develop strong affiliations with local environmental, farming and food justice groups and secondary and post-secondary institutions to create collaborative programming and projects;

  • to create an institute that will provide a model for environmentally-friendly construction, land stewardship and conservation practices, renewable energy, resource development, and organic food production and processing.

    The Women's Environmental Institute is a member-driven organization. Your contribution makes a difference and we would like to count YOU among our many diverse and committed supporters.

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    Environmental Health
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