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Green classrooms and schools not only equip children with the knowledge on how to make a difference in the world, but also help create a healthier learning environment that benefits the students, teachers, and learning institution as a whole.

15 Green Strategies for Today's Classrooms
For schools that were not designed with environmental awareness, it can seem daunting to convert the minds of the students, faculty and staff, as well as make changes to the building itself, towards becoming more environmentally friendly. However, when educators, schools and students show an interest in going green, there are many methods to embrace. This website offers the following 15 environmentally sound practices for greenifying the classroom and/or school:

1. Harness the Power of Solar Energy
2. Improve Indoor Air Quality
3. Encourage Classroom Recycling Efforts
4. Take an 'Earth Day is Every Day' Approach
5. Start a School Garden
6. Start a Classroom or Schoolwide Composting Project
7. Advocate for Healthier School Lunches
8. Opt for Natural Cleaning Methods in the Classroom
9. Select Environmentally Safe Products
10. Promote Green School Supplies to Students and Parents
11. Go Digital to Save Paper
12. Teach the Value of Water Conservation
13. Organize a School Carpool Program
14. Act as Advisor for a Green Club
15. Utilize a Variety of Resources offers would be educators an easy to navigate online platform that will help them learn more about specific teaching careers, along with arming them with the proper tools and tips to achieve their goal of becoming an educator.

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