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Trash Talk! & One Person's Trash are 4-color, customized community newsletters. Both newsletters concentrate on waste management issues and are written to reflect what is going on in a particular community. These newsletters are perfect tools for communities that want to provide their residents with specific information on local events and resources, but don't have the time or resources.

Educate Students: A 4-page newsletter targeted to upper elementary school students, Trash Talk! is packed with educational activities and local waste reduction and recycling information. A teacher guide accompanies each newsletter.

We keep your audience in mind when we develop content, knowing how to keep students engaged and entertained so they learn important lessons that will help them—and their families—understand the steps they can take to care for their environment.

Each Trash Talk! newsletter comes with a teacher guide, which provides instructors with activities and ideas for using the newsletter to reinforce math, language arts, social studies, science, and other skills. The guide also provides information that shows how activities in each edition of Trash Talk! support "standards of learning" by introducing, practicing, and reviewing grade-appropriate skills and proficiencies.

Educate Residents: A content-rich newsletter tailored specifically to your community, One Person's Trash includes local information plus helpful environmental tips.

Local recycling reminders. Upcoming drop-off dates. Holiday pick-up schedules. Special events. Whatever you need to communicate to your residents, we've got you covered.

Better yet, we combine your local news with valuable environmental tips so your residents have the latest and most impactful educational information to be your community's environmental heroes. We save you time and money by combining your custom information with approved environmental educational content developed by our expert editorial staff.

One Person's Trash is available as a 4-page newsletter and comes with a PDF, free of charge, for you to post on your website. And we let you choose how often your newsletter delivers, with special frequency discounts.

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