The Story of Environmental Health PowerPoint presentations and supporting materials

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"The Story of Environmental Health" PowerPoint presentations and supporting materials are now available for free. Download them from:

These free, easy-to-use modules provide educators and local public health staff with useful background information for presentation to community members or conference participants.

Materials reinforce public and environmental health messages, and incorporate stories about real people and events in a positive manner. Three modules can be customized and combined, or presented as stand-alone lessons. Titles include: 1) "An Overview for Elected Officials" 2) "Food and Security" and 3) "History of Drinking Water mid 1800s to 2000s." These materials are in the public domain, and may be copied or distributed. Presenters are encouraged to add local information and contacts. Please credit the Minnesota Department of Health's Environmental Health Division when you present the modules.

Potential audiences include those who need a quick overview of environmental health activities, such as those new to public health or working with environmental health professionals, including elected officials, high school and college students, new professionals, or community groups. More information about the length and the lesson outline are in each lesson plan. Test questions are suggested. Fun activities include matching people to their contributions, and coloring sheets to find potential health problems in a retail food setting-- answers included!

Evaluations are made available to comment on the presentations and materials, so that future versions can be improved.

These have been developed with the aid of Minnesota health professionals, including members of the Local Public Health Association, the Minnesota Environmental Health Association, and the Minnesota Society of Public Health Educators.

These materials could supplement high school curricula in science, health, lifestyles/home economics, or social studies classes, as they are aligned with national standards (National Science Education Standards, National Health Education standards, and National Council for the Social Studies standards).

For more information, contact your local health department, or:
Minnesota Department of Health
Environmental Health Division
Metro Square, 121 East 7th Place
P.O. Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55164-0975
Phone: 651-215-0700
TTD: 651-215-0707

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