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The School Funding Center offers a free publication, School Funding Newsletter, that helps schools find the grant money they need. It includes grant sources, how to apply, tips for getting money, and more. Click our link to register your school:

Get a Grant for Your School Today
More than 110,000 school grants are awarded to both individual U.S. campuses and entire districts each year. The School Funding Center monitors more than 4,000 websites, newsletters, and other grant sources to give you The School Funding Center grant database-----the one central location where educators can find every federal, state, & foundation grant available to their schools. These grants are worth over $6.5 billion. Want your share? Don't bother subscribing to other newsletters or grant sources. Our newsletter is free (though there are additional products and services available for a fee), and we have every grant available to every school in our database.

The grants in our database are intended for educational institutions seeking grants, they are not designed for individuals seeking financial aid.

Our newsletter is free, and we allow free, limited, grant searches. The School Funding Center has everything you need to find grants, complete the application, and secure the grant money you need.

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