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Reusable Resources Association is a non-profit network of reusable resource centers, educators and businesses working together to promote creative play and quality education through reusable resources.

What is a Reusable Resource Center? Throughout the nation, manufacturers dispose of their unwanted by-products, overruns and rejects into landfills and incinerators. And yet, everywhere across the nation, school teachers are in need of material resources for developmentally appropriate creative education!

Through a Reusable Resource Center, quality, unwanted manufacturing by-products, once destined for the landfill, now serve as much needed materials for math, science and other creative problem solving programs in the local school system, child care centers, Headstart programs, neighborhood youth organizations, summer camps, retirement communities and other community programs..

The Reusable Resources Association is building a global network of sustainable "Reusable Resource Centers" working together to share ideas and information, exchange materials, innovative teaching strategies and promote successful solid waste management practices.
Innovative, hands-on leadership training workshops and technical assistance focused on the creative reuse of materials and how to develop Reusable Resource Centers for teachers, solid waste managers, parents and business leaders.

About the Reusable Resources Association

The Reusable Resources Association is a 501(c)3, non-profit, tax exempt Florida corporation which began in 1998. It grew from the earlier work of Dr. Walter F. Drew and his wife, Kitty, who founded the Institute for Self Active Education. Their work began in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1975 with the founding of the Worcester Public School's Recycle Center and later in 1980, the Boston Public School's Recycle Center, which became a successful, educational reusable resource model program for the nation. Now, there are more than 100 such centers offering unique, unusual, open-ended materials, school supplies and educational training programs and workshops for teachers, children and parents.

"Reusable resource centers have the potential to fundamentally transform the way people, both children and adults, think about materials. These centers are redefining what waste means and are helping people see any material for its creative possibilities. It's comforting to imagine the future of our environment emerging under this new paradigm." --Michael Ohlsen, Formerly with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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<b>Reusable Resources Association</b>
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