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A residential environmental learning center has been defined as being a professionally staffed, full-time, year-round facility which offers hands-on, outdoor-based environmental education (EE) over an extended visit.

According to EEC 2000: A Study of Environmental Education Centers, an RELC is a facility with:

  • a formal environmental education mission statement with a strategic, long range goal;
  • established public or non-profit status;
  • qualified staff including administration, instructors, food service and maintenance;
  • an ongoing environmental education instructional program (minimum 9 months) consistent with A GreenPrint for Minnesota: State Plan for Environmental Education;
  • a significant level of land and building resources;
  • accommodations for eating, sleeping, and learning;
  • a program that devotes 80 percent of the budget to environmental education;
  • a program that devotes 80 percent of the school year to K-post secondary;
  • a program that devotes 80 percent of the summer program to environmental education, and
  • accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

    Many RELCs also provide day use environmental education components, but the option of staying the night is available.

    For a current list of RELCs in Minnesota, go to SEEK's Regional Pages and in the All Minnesota section at Minnesota, and scroll down to Residential Environmental Learning Centers.

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    See each center for specific details.