Renewable Energy and Schools: A step-by-step guide for evaluating, acquiring, installing, promoting, and using renewable energy systems in K-12 schools

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The Renewable Energy and Schools guide describes a process that will help schools learn from the experiences of other schools, identify clear goals and provide tools to achieve those goals. The guide provides a step-by-step approach to help navigate the sometimes obscure process of creating a successful renewable energy project that meets the school's educational, sustainability, fiscal and environmental goals.

This guide lays out a general process, but also provides examples of details and technical information, as well as educational, financial, and technical resources available to schools. Readers need to be aware, however, that the renewable energy landscape is evolving rapidly and the resources noted in this guide will also change. The guide's emphasis, therefore, is on helping identify types of resources rather than specific programs, curricula or grants. This guide specifically focuses on wind and solar systems.

Audience for this Guide
The primary audience for the guide is non-technical people (teachers, administrators, students) who see renewable energy as helping to meet their community's goals and who see the synergy of integrating renewable energy into school facilities, curriculum and community relations. The information and recommendations within are directed at parents, teachers and administrators who have made the decision to use renewable energy, but need to avoid pitfalls in resource assessment, financing, installation and curriculum development.

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Renewable Energy Guide for Schools Video
Through a grant with the SW CERTs team, a video was created that walks the viewer, step by step, through the Renewable Energy Guide for Schools. The video answers questions from school employees who are facing their own challenges in beginning a project in their area.

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