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"Recycle City is a fun and especially engaging way for kids to learn about how their communities can reduce waste and prevent pollution from happening," said Felicia Marcus, regional administrator for U.S. EPA's western region.
"It's really a marvel to be able to reach so many kids and classrooms with a project like this. EPA is very excited about the boundless potential of the Web as a tool for making information available to schools, businesses and
concerned individuals everywhere."

Exploring Recycle City is an easy way to learn about the three R's -- reduce, reuse and recycle. Designed primarily for middle-school students, it's a lively point-and-click journey for all ages that demonstrates how
individuals, businesses and communities can work together to cut waste. The user explores the town by simply clicking on any of Recycle City's colorful schools, businesses, homes, or waste centers. He or she can then point and
click on people or activities within that location to learn about what the diverse cast of residents are doing every day to reduce waste and cut down on pollution in their town.

The Web site also features the innovative, animated Dumptown Game, in which the player takes on the role of City Manager and creates his/her own plan to reduce waste and clean up trashy Dumptown. By examining what makes up the waste stream and selecting different programs based on their benefits and costs -- and seeing in colorful graphs the clear impacts on the waste stream and the budget -- the player takes part in a decision making exercise that gives new depth to the topic.

Environmental Protection Agency
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Waste Prevention
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Grades Pre K-12
Citizen and Youth Groups
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All Minnesota
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