Raingarden & Native Landscaping Workshops

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Each year the Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization (VLAWMO) offers three different classes on raingardens and native landscaping projects.

Raingarden Workshop

Raingardens are becoming more and more popular in today's landscaping. They not only beautify the landscape, but they also help the environment by capturing the rainwater that would otherwise run off property and into the storm drain which end up in discharging into our lakes, streams, and wetlands. This workshop covers raingarden basics including how to install a raingarden and what sort of maintenance you can expect. The cost to attend the class is $10. All participants will receive a copy of "The Blue Thumb Guide to Raingardens" ($18 value)

Shoreline Restoration Workshop

If you live along a lake, stream, pond or wetland, this class will be of interest for you. Participants learn how to use plants to protect a shoreline from erosion and enhance water quality for a lake or stream. The cost to attend is $10. All participants receive a copy of the book entitled "Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality" ($20 value)

Maintenance for your Raingardens, and Shoreline Restorations

Have you installed a raingarden or restored your shoreline but need to learn how to maintain them so they continue to flourish and look beautiful? Join us for this fun workshop where we will go over the basics for maintenance on these types of projects. If you have received a Cost Share Grant for a raingarden or shoreline restoration, you are strongly encouraged to attend since proper maintenance is often a requirement for receiving funds. The cost to attend is $5 and participants will receive a copy of a handy weed ID guide which covers most weeds found in our area to help you with your maintenance efforts.

All workshops are taught by Kristine Jenson. Kristine is the Project Coordinator for VLAWMO, and is an award winning garden designer with special training in raingardens and shoreline restoration. Additional consultation resources available to residents within the watershed. Contact Kristine Jenson for details.

Please contact Kristine Jenson at 651-204-6074 or kristine.jenson@vlawmo.org to find out dates and times for this year's workshops. Workshop dates will also be posted on VLAWMO's website as soon as they become available. All workshops are held at the Vadnais Heights Fire Station training room located next to Vadnais Heights City Hall at 800 East County Road E, Vadnais Heights, MN 55127.

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