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The Rachel Carson Center for Environmental Studies is a joint initiative of Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and the Deutsches Museum. Generously supported by the German Ministry for Research and Education, the Rachel Carson Center's goal is to further research and discussion in the field of international environmental studies and to strengthen the role of the humanities in the current political and scientific debates about the environment. Special emphasis will be placed on international, comparative and historical perspectives. The Center is designed to bring together leading academics from all over the world who work on the complex relationship between nature and culture across disciplines. Individual projects will focus on different time periods and different geographic areas. The Center is named after the worldwide recognized American scientist and nature writer Rachel Carson. It is conceived as an international think tank that will discuss and analyze the role of human actors and the role of nature in this relationship. The Center's working language is English.

Programs and Activities

The Rachel Carson Center will offer a range of programs and activities, including:

  • a fellowship program
  • international conferences and workshops
  • a seminar and lecture series
  • a large online electronic documentation with primary soures (texts, visuals, statistics, etc.)
  • a joint book series with the European Society for Environmental History
  • a preprint series, available for download from the Center's website
  • multiple exhibitions at the Deutsches Museum and other venues
  • Fellowship Program

    We provide a home to both senior and postdoctoral scholars working on international, historical, and comparative environmental studies. Our international community of scholars includes three groups of fellows:

  • Carson Fellows: Our Carson Fellowship Program is one of our primary activities. We provide funding for both highly regarded, established researchers and promising young scholars, who are looking to complete books or articles that correspond to one of our research themes.
  • Visiting Fellows: We also host a number of Visiting Fellows, researchers from outside Germany who are invited to do work at the RCC for varying lengths of time. Visiting Fellows are not part of the Carson Fellows program, but their involvement strengthens and diversifies our total cadre of researchers.
  • LMU Fellows: For the most part, LMU Fellows are members of the LMU Munich (Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität) faculty, who take an active part in RCC programs.

    For more information visit http://www.rachelcarsoncenter.de/.

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