Progress on the Environmental Education Outcomes in Minnesota since 2008

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In A GreenPrint for Minnesota: State plan for environmental education, third edition (2008), four outcomes were developed to help the state's environmental education community target their efforts over the course of the ten-year plan.

  1. Minnesotans have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make individual and collective lifestyle choices that support a sustainable environment.
  2. Environmental education in Minnesota is of the highest quality and is ensured through the development of standards and common definitions.
  3. Minnesota academic standards include benchmarks from the Minnesota Environmental Literacy Scope and Sequence across all disciplines and grade levels.
  4. Minnesota has a dedicated sustainable funding mechanism for environmental education of all ages and audiences.

To keep a running history of what progress has been made on these four outcomes, users of the GreenPrint are asked to submit a brief summary of work toward one or more of these outcomes.

Although many wonderful programs are happening around the state, you are asked to submit only those efforts that have, or can have, a broad reach in achieving one of the four outcomes above.

To submit an effort, please provide the following information:

  1. The outcome the activity/program/effort addresses:
  2. Name of activity/program/effort (if applicable):
  3. Date(s) of activity/program/effort:
  4. Explanation or summary of the effort and how it furthers progress of the outcome
  5. Targeted audience group(s)
  6. Geographic location (if applicable)
  7. Sponsor, group or individual involved in the activity/program/effort
  8. Links (if applicable) to your activity/program/effort:
  9. Contact person's email and phone number
  10. SEEK Partner name (if applicable)
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