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The Primate Education Network (PEN) is a global network dedicated to connecting and empowering primate conservation educators.

Our Vision
A world where educators everywhere transform communities by inspiring them to value and safeguard primates and their natural habitats.

Our Overarching Goal
PEN's overarching goal is to advance the field of primate conservation education by addressing three needs of educators: connections, resources, and services. The network pursues this goal in the following ways:

  • Grow online community and facilitate connections and collaboration among educators working in primate range countries
  • Highlight lessons learned and best practices in primate education
  • Build capacity of educators by providing the resources, tools, training, and support needed to carry out successful projects and programs
  • Inspire and nurture new generations of primate educators
  • Increase awareness, compassion, and protection for primates and their natural habitats
  • Our Work
    As PEN continues to evolve in its infancy, the network will build a community and collaboration platform for educators and fulfill the following needs:

  • Create opportunities for primate educators to connect and build relationships online and offline
  • Enable primate educators worldwide to share their resources and learn from each other
  • Provide end-to-end services to fund, design, train, implement, and evaluate primate conservation education projects and programs
  • Our team welcomes ideas and feedback from anyone involved in primate conservation education. Even if you are currently not involved, yet want to get started on an education project or program, please feel free to contact us or join us at an upcoming event.

    Resource Library
    Our website offers a resource library where you can browse by type of primate or use the search box to find the primate education resources. Help us to promote information sharing and prevent other educators from having to reinvent the wheel.

    For more information visit

    Primate Education Network
    c/o Trust for Conservation Innovation
    150 Post Street Suite 342
    San Francisco, CA 94108 F

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    Primate Education Network
    c/o Trust for Conservation Innovation
    150 Post Street Suite 342
    San Francisco, CA 94108 F

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