Online Course: FLOW (Facilitating Learning through Outdoor Watershed) Education

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This course is typically offered each Fall and is designed for classroom teachers (grades 4-8) to learn about watersheds and outdoor education using the Chesapeake Bay watershed as an example. The course introduces engaging technologies for investigating watersheds and helps you plan and effectively implement outdoor experiences.

About the Course
Watershed education is an excellent way to introduce students to rich, interdisciplinary studies of one of the most important resources located in students' backyards-water! The goal of the course is to increase your content knowledge on watershed topics and to help you develop outdoor learning experiences for your students.

In this course you will:

  • Increase literacy around watershed issues
  • Prepare to implement watershed content using engaging and effective instructional strategies in the classroom and on the school grounds
  • Share and reflect on your practice in a collaborative online environment
  • The course is designed for science and social studies teachers in grades 4 through 8. No prior knowledge is required. Teaching experience and access to students in a classroom is recommended.

    Course Format
    This course consists of videos, readings and interactive resources. Each session has a learning component in the form of a quiz called Checking for Understanding. You will work on a course project throughout the course which after submission, will be reviewed by your peers. The richest experience of this course is the collaboration and interaction in the discussion boards. It is your opportunity to learn from others. There is no final exam.

    Course at a Glance
    5-6 hours/week of work

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