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Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center was opened in 1965 by the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife to conduct research on waterfowl production with emphasis on wetland ecology and species biology. Today, under the U.S. Geological Survey, the Center serves to conduct integrated research to fulfill the Department of the Interior's responsibilities to the Nation's natural resources. The center's work is conducted by specialists in many areas, including land management, wetland ecology, statistical, wildlife population, plant population biology, and much more.

The mission of Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center is to provide the scientific information needed to conserve and manage the nation's biological resources, with an emphasis on the species and ecosystems of the nation's interior. Specifically, the Center's goals include the following:

  • Evaluate responses of fauna and flora to natural and anthropogenic influences
  • Develop tools for assessing status and trends of animal and plant populations
  • Use integrated, long-term research to model linkages among ecosystem components
  • Develop the biological knowledge needed to sustain and restore ecosystems
  • Provide the scientific foundation for federal policies and management strategies related to natural resources
  • Disseminate the latest in technical information and research findings to client agencies, conservation organizations, and others responsible for the management of our Nation's natural resources

    The Northern Prairie Science Center is striving to make information on the animal and plant species of the midcontinental environment more widely available to decision-makers, resource managers, scientists, and the public. This web site serves as a medium to provide that information.

    The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center is composed of the Headquarters at Jamestown, North Dakota, and four Field Stations: the Woodworth Field Station, the Minnesota Field Station, and the South Dakota Field Station.

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    <b>USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center</b>
    8711 37th Street Southeast
    Jamestown, North Dakota 58401
    <b>Phone</b>: (701) 253-5500
    <b>Fax</b>: (701) 253-5553

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