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The North Face Explore Fund is a grant-giving program committed to supporting nonprofit, community organizations that break down the barriers to getting youth outdoors.

Our goal is to inspire and enable the next generation of explorers by funding non-profit organizations that are working to re-connect children with nature. We believe in the physical, emotional and social benefits of a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle, and that a strong connection with the outdoors will lead to greater support and protection of our natural landscapes.

The Explore Fund will support organizations that encourage youth outdoor participation, focusing primarily on creating more connections of children to nature, increasing access to both front & backcountry recreation, as well as providing education for both personal & environmental health. Grants will be given up to $2,500, and to maximize the impact of The Explore Fund, we limit our grants to those applications that comply with the following guidelines:

  • Organizations that have 501(c)(3) status.
  • Projects that include community demographics, estimated number of participants, and anticipated outcomes.
  • Proposals that encourage community involvement.
  • Programs that focus on breaking down barriers to getting youth outdoors.
  • The project or program should seek a specific audience and reach out to a specific community or place of interest.
  • All funding requests should be quantifiable with specific goals, objectives, and action plans, with a clear measure for evaluating success.
  • Your program should have a good chance of significant measureable results & momentum over a fairly short term (one to three years).
  • Potential grantees should include a specific communications plan in the application that demonstrates how you plan to disseminate information about your program, as well as maintain visibility of your program & organization on PlanetExplore.
  • Applications that come with matching dollars will be viewed favorably & this will be taken into consideration during the granting process.
  • Organizations are allowed to apply for more than one grant as long as the funds would be used for unique programs.
  • Proposals submitted by May 1 are eligible for consideration.

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    The North Face
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    Early Childhood
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    The North Face Explore Fund

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