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Nature's Classroom Institute is the nation's premier environmental education program. We offer a fully customized, highly engaging 3 or 5 day experience that has direct positive impacts on classroom community and academic performance. Our multi disciplined, degreed educators integrate lessons with the curriculum of visiting schools in order to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. With thousands of classes and activities to choose from, we create unique and individualized experiences for each and every student and teacher.

An Extension of the Classroom
Nature's Classroom Institute is a place where students begin to value their education. We broaden their perspectives to see that learning is not all textbooks, not all desk, but that school is where they obtain the skills necessary for other, more exciting things. Our goal is to motivate students to learn, to integrate social development with academic experiences, and to strengthen the link between school and the "real world."

A Student's Choice
We involve students in the learning process and allow them to choose which classes they take. By encouraging students to follow their interests we instill confidence, motivate them to seek out knowledge, and empower them develop new areas of interest.

More Than Just Science
Teachers at Nature's Classroom Institute incorporate the whole environment, teaching through the elements of the world around us, so that students can experience and truly understand not just science but all subjects, including mathematics, social studies, history, and language arts.

Nature's Classroom Institute offers students, teachers, and parents around the nation the ability to partake in a unique and individualized educational experience. Our program is growing quickly!

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Environmental Studies
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Grades Pre K-12
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All Minnesota
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