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About National Council for Science and the Environment
The National Council for Science and the Environment is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the scientific basis of environmental decision-making. It seeks to bridge the divide between science, its applications, and policy.

NCSE specializes in programs that foster collaboration between the diverse institutions and individuals creating and using environmental knowledge to make science useful to policies and decisions on critical environmental issues.

We engage scientists, educators, policy-makers, environmental managers, government agencies, conservationists, and business leaders. While an advocate for science and its use, NCSE does not take positions on environmental issues. With a reputation for objectivity and non-partisanship, we are able to provide a neutral forum for all. NCSE assists communities in jointly finding acceptable solutions to complex environmental challenges by using expert facilitation, problem solving processes, and fostering joint implementation.

All sciences and technical areas relevant to decisions are recognized as important, including physical, biological, and social sciences as well as engineering. Research, scientific synthesis and assessment, tools that support decision-making, formal and informal education, communication, are all respected and utilized.

Strategies: Strengthening Education and Career Development
NCSE works through:

  • The University Affiliate Program of four-year institutions and their leaders in the Council of Environment Deans and Directors
  • The Council of Energy Research and Education Leaders
  • The Community College Affiliate Program of two-year and associate degree-granting institutions
  • Association of Environmental Studies and science for individual interdisciplinary scholars
  • EnvironMentors initiative providing mentoring, environmental science training, and pre-college assistance to underserve youth
  • Internship Clearinghouse
  • Research on the nature, status, and trends in interdisciplinary environmental, sustainability, and energy education

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