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Postcards from Mr. Pish: A Cross-Country Journal Volume 1 & 2 and Mr. Pish's Woodland Adventure comprise the three books in this educational series by author K. S. Brooks.

Mr. Pish's goal is to get kids excited about going outside and learning about the world around them. Mr. Pish's books are used in elementary school classrooms across the United States and even in Europe to teach kids about North American geography, history, and ecology.

Join Mr. Pish on one of his great adventures and have fun learning without realizing that's what you're doing!

Postcards from Mr. Pish Volume 1 & 2 follows the adorable Jack Russell Terrier, Mr. Pish, as he embarks on an adventure, traveling from his home in Washington State, up into Canada, and all the way to the East Coast. The books feature full-color photographs from all over Minnesota, including the Twin Cities, Alexandria, Moorhead and more.

"We had a wonderful time exploring Minnesota. We discovered so many unique venues," author K. S. Brooks explained. "A Viking ship, a runestone, and trumpeter swans, to name a few: those are the types of things that Mr. Pish wants to share with his readers."

Mr. Pish hit the road back in January 2011 to research his new books and to promote outdoor learning and literacy. When he was done, he'd brought his tour tallies up to 41 States, Washington DC, and 7 Provinces of Canada. This caught the attention of FIDO Friendly Magazine who selected Mr. Pish as one of the top 50 in the world of dogs for their celebratory 50th issue (July/August 2011). Just last month, his second book, Mr. Pish's Woodland Adventure, was named to the Top 150 Books of 2011 by Conversations Book Club. "There is the perfect marriage of words and pictures that will keep your attention," says book club President, C.A. Webb.

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