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Climate Generation created Minnesota's Changing Climate curriculum and supporting online classroom for grades 3-8 and 9-12 because we believe that environmental stewardship and action begins with a local connection and sense of appreciation, or environmental sensitivity, towards the natural environment. It ties Will Steger's adventures from boyhood to adulthood with engaging content on Minnesota's natural environment (i.e. biomes) and the impacts of climate change.

As educators, you have the unique opportunity to lead your students through the environmental education continuum of knowledge, awareness, and skills that lead to an informed and active environmental citizenry. Minnesota's Changing Climate is a great place to start because it follows this model of inspiring an appreciation and understanding of Minnesota's natural environment and empowering action.

In the curriculum and online classroom, we explore and learn about Minnesota's unique biomes and what a changing climate will mean for the state. Specifically, we examine how climate has already, and is projected to change in Minnesota; how these changes may impact agriculture, forests and wildlife, aquatic ecosystems, our economy, as well as tourism and recreation; and how you can help reduce these potential impacts and help your biome adapt to a changing climate.

The curricula we offer are available for free online. Aligned with national standards, state standards (where relevant) and the climate literacy principles, each curriculum has been reviewed by educational organizations and partners.

To download the curriculum go to http://www.climategen.org/what-we-do/education/climate-change-and-energy....

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