Minnesota A History of the Land: The Four-Part Documentary Series DVD

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Disc 1 - Episode I: Ordering the Land (16,000 BP - 1870's) Witness 16,000 years of Minnesota's fascinating history. This unique place in North America is revealed through state-of-the-art animations, graphics stories and re-creations. Native Americans describe their long relationship with the land and with the arrival of Europeans a new way of looking at the land will change the region forever. Discover what happens when early entrepreneurs fail to understand the geology of St. Anthony Falls.

Disc 1 - Episode II: Changes in the Land (1870's - 1900) Voices from the past and stunning nature videography re-create the natural world Euro-Americans first encountered. Find out what happens to the abundant species as commercial hunters and the railroad arrive, how Minneapolis becomes the flour milling capital of the world and how a catastrophic forest fire ushers in a new way of looking at the land.

Disc 2 - Episode III Out of the Ashes (1900-1940's) Never-before-seen historic footage brings to life the beginnings of conservation in Minnesota. Discover why Minnesota is at the forefront of conservation in the US and the key role women play. See what happens to the Mississippi River as population in the Twin Cities explodes and find out which prominent conservationist begins his career promoting the destruction of wolves.

Disc 2 - Episode IV Second Nature (1940's and beyond) Momentous changes are brought to Minnesota by WWII. Simple inventions like nylon nets and the introduction of exotic species bring the fishery of Lake Superior to the brink of collapse. Through rarely seen footage, experience the extensive pollution of Lake Superior caused by the disposal of over 60,000 tons of waste a day and hear how a group of citizens play a central role in stopping this pollution. Discover ways in which our own homes and businesses result in changes in the land as far away as the rain forests of South America.
Produced 2005

University of Minnesota; College of Natural Resources
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Grades 10-12
Grades 7-9
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All Minnesota
240 minutes
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