Mini-Grants Available to Celebrate Urban Birds

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Celebrate Urban Birds at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology invites organizations and educators to apply for mini-grants to help fund neighborhood events in communities everywhere. Celebrate Urban Birds is a free year-round project that collects information from everyday people about 16 species of birds. Participants spend 10 minutes watching birds in their neighborhood and report their observations online at This information helps scientists better understand how birds survive in cities and make use of green spaces, including parks and gardens.

Mini-grants average $100-$750

What is a Celebrate Urban Birds neighborhood event or project?
Neighborhood events or projects feature activities involving birds, community service, art, greening, and science. Participants must collect citizen science data. Celebrate Urban Birds mini-grants could be used to support a bird-activity day at a local museum, afterschool, library, or community center, or fund art and gardening activities at your club, business, school, senior center, or neighborhood. We want to hear your ideas!

Why hold a Celebrate Urban Birds event?
Connecting the arts, music, dance, and gardening with birds and science leads people into deeper observation of nature, helps them enjoy the magic inherent in birds, and reduces stress. Connecting with nature in YOUR city is good for birds AND good for your neighborhood!

Mini-grant winners will:

  • Hold a Celebrate Urban Birds event
  • Introduce the public/youth to birds
  • Collect Celebrate Urban Birds data and inspire others to observe birds and collect data
  • Distribute Celebrate Urban Birds kits (with posters, seeds for planting, and more)
  • Integrate the arts
  • Integrate gardening/habitat creation
  • Participate in a training video conference
  • Submit a short final report and share pictures
  • Get people outside
  • To apply for a mini-grant, please visit

    Annual application deadline is in December

    Organizations working with underserved communities are strongly encouraged to apply. No experience with birds required.

    For more information, please contact Celebrate Urban Birds:, 607-254-2455.

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