How Mother Nature Flowered the Fields

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"Mother Nature has a terrible dilemma. Supreme Queen Bee, Queen Bluefire, no longer wants the responsibility of getting all the flowers to grow. Her bees want to play and have fun. They no longer want to work to pollinate the flowers. Oh dear, what's Mother Nature to do?

And that's only the beginning of her troubles. Can she get the beavers to irrigate the fields and save them from rampaging bears? Can she get the earthworms to fertilize the soil?

Let us hope so or otherwise the flowers won't bloom and blossom."

ISBN: 1-57545-102-6

Reading level: Ages 7-11

Page count: 160

Publication date: February 2006

Note: There is a Teacher's classroom guide in book.

In print, the book is available in a large-format trade paperback (ISBN-13:9781575451022), a trim-size trade paperback (ISBN-13:9781575451428) and a Teacher's Classroom special edition (ISBN-13:9781575451039). In digital, the book is available on ready-to-play Playaway audio devices as well as in ebook and audio for your school library and public library through multiple media partners.

About Tom Schwartz:
Retired USAF Lt. Col., Tom Schwartz has written an environmental story for elementary school children, which was published by Reagent Press (website Tom Schwartz was born in December 1930, in Brooklyn, NY where he attended Public Schools including the Manhattan H S of Aviation Trades. In 1951 he enlisted in the Navy and won a "Fleet" appointment to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Upon graduation, he served in the US Air Force where he spent most of his 27 years in the Research and Development area. After retiring from the Air Force as a Lt. Col., he worked for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) as a Program Manager. He now resides in Melbourne, Florida, where he continues to work for CSC part time, and enjoys writing nature stories for children. He is a guest speaker at the elementary schools in central Florida, and has been to over 60 schools speaking to 2nd through 5th grade students. The book, How Mother Nature Flowered the Fields of Earth and Mars, is included in the elementary school's Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader Program.

Tom Schwartz
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Grades Pre K-6
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All Minnesota
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160 pp.
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