Guide to Reducing Back Yard Burning and On-site Disposal

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The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (OEA) has developed this guide to assist Minnesota Counties, local units of government, and similar agencies in developing programs that reduce back yard burning and on-site disposal while at the same time, educate the general public. Whether household wastes are burned in a barrel, a fire pit, fireplace, or buried on-site, certain environmental and health-related risks become real concerns for those involved as well as the general public. This guide is structured to include discussion of four main topic areas:

1) Background: What are the issues that influence people to use burning or burying as a method of managing their garbage?

2) The Law: What are the Minnesota statutes that regulate backyard burning and on-site disposal of garbage and how do they influence people's decision to burn their household wastes

3) Existing programs designed to reduce the level of back yard burning and on-site disposal: What programs exist in Minnesota that have been successful in reducing burning or burying of household wastes? This section outlines several county programs in Minnesota.

4) Educational and informational tools: This section provides detail on the types of tools that are available for counties, cities, citizen groups, etc. to use in the development of back yard burning and on-site disposal reduction programs.

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If you have any questions related to back yard burning and on-side disposal, please contact Mark Rust at the OEA at 612-215-0198 or toll-free within Minnesota at 1-800-657-3843

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November 1996
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