A GreenPrint for Minnesota: State plan for environmental education, third edition

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A GreenPrint for Minnesota: State plan for environmental education, third edition seek.minnesotaee.org/greenprint is the state plan for environmental education for 2008-2018. It was developed by the Environmental Education Advisory Board, and supporting staff with input from the environmental education community. GreenPrint, third edition is designed to serve those of you who educate, provide funds, develop programs, support efforts, and set policies that affect environmental education in Minnesota.

Minnesota has a strong history of environmental education and the state plan is an integral part. GreenPrint, third edition and the three state plans before it have all been written to help educators bring their audiences closer to the state goals for environmental education (Minn. Stat. ? 115A.073). Because of the evolving nature of environmental education, GreenPrint, third edition also recommends that environmental educators target their programs and plans toward achieving environmental literacy for all Minnesotans.

The EE community is growing, as is the array of topics being taught. As Minnesotans seek ways to lessen their impacts on the natural world, the educational needs of sustainability topics such as energy efficiency, living locally, organic foods, transportation, green building, and climate change need to be met. The more we teach environmental education based on the understanding of natural and social systems and their interrelationships, the more issues environmental education includes and the more people needed to provide and support education on them.

As you jump into GreenPrint, third edition, whether as a policymaker or an on-the-ground educator, please make good use of the document by marking up the pages with notes, dog-earing corners and highlighting pieces until they glow. No plan, especially one as important as this one, should ever look brand new.

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To view GreenPrint, third edition and resources that complement the plan go to: seek.minnesotaee.org/greenprint. Free printed copies are distributed by the Learning Resource Center (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency). Limited quantities are available, and the MPCA reserves the right to limit requests. Call: 651-757-2120 or 800-877-6300 or E-mail: resourcecenter.pca@state.mn.us .

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