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The National Recycling Coalition's Green Meetings Policy is a great resource for the planning of events that incorporate recycling and other environmentally responsible practices in their foundation. It offers tips and ideas of how to make event planning a greener experience.

The "Green Meetings" policies described in the document were developed and adopted by the National Recycling Coalition in 2001 for its Annual Congress & Exposition and other NRC events. We encourage you to adopt these policies as your own. Until the practices described here become the norm, it is up to each of us to lead by example and insist that the people and venues associated with our events protect our natural resources by implementing as many of these policies as possible.

1. Printed Materials
2. Food & Beverage Functions
3. On-Site Facilities
4. Exhibit Hall & Exhibitors
5. Conference Hotels/Sleeping Rooms
6. Educating Attendees & Recycling Advisors
7. Evaluation of Recycling & Waste Prevention Efforts
8. Criteria for Future Site Selection
9. Additional Resources

A: Food Service Requirements for RFPs
B: Contract Addendum on Green Meeting Policies
C: Recycling and Waste Prevention Information for RFPs
D: Exhibitor's Green Checklist
E: CERES Green Hotel Best Practices Survey

NRC is a founding partner of the Convene Green Alliance, a grassroots organization of associations involved and concerned with lessening the environmental footprints of associations and the events they sponsor.

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