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The Green Earth Magic Show is a skillful blending of visual magic and environmental education. Through his skills, and sense of humor, Kevin Barnes, gets kids of all ages excited about taking care of the earth. Using audience participation, Kevin enlightens his audiences about the fundamentals. From the three R's, (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) conservation of our limited natural resources, researching renewable energies, to the simple things everyone can do at home...The Green Earth Magic Show covers it all!

Kevin and his brother Randy developed the Green Earth Magic Show. Randy, a Naturalist and outreach speaker for a wilderness center in Ohio, knew his brother's magic routines and was perfect as a consultant. The brothers collaborated for a number of years, exchanging ideas and scripts. Thus the Green Earth Magic Show was born. One of Kevin's proudest achievements, the show helps encourage kids everywhere to care for the world around them. Kevin shares ideas ranging from the simplest to the grandest, teaching us that even the smallest effort can make a world of difference.

The Green Earth Magic Show entertains and educates hundreds of thousands of students by utilizing visual magic with environmental tips. Kevin's showmanship comes from thousands of performances including 15 years on stage in Las Vegas. Appearances include: Earth Fairs, Schools, Water Festivals, EMMA, and on Japanese educational programs.

In 1996 he produced an environmentally friendly magic set. The set included tricks with an earth friendly theme. A year later Kevin appeared on QVC with the Eco Magic Set. In 2002 Television show "To tell The Truth" asked Kevin to appear as the Environmental Magician. In April 2009 Kevin made his 10th consecutive appearance at the Orange County Children's Education Water Festival, the largest of its kind.

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