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Enhance Your Child's School Experience While Having Fun Outdoors

Jeffers director, Sil Pembleton, has for many years been helping teachers and parents enhance children's educational experience by showing them the benefits of going outdoors to discover and learn. The ring bound "Go" cards developed for families suggest convenient and practical outdoor activities for helping children realize their full potential all the while having fun.

Jeffers is anxious to share the "GO" (go outdoors) Cards with everyone. We will present, free of charge, workshops for family groups on how best to make use of the GO Cards and the Parent's Guide to Nature Play.

At these workshops a skilled educator will present parents with these resources and lead them in how best to use them in the family setting.

Examples of GO Cards:
Rainy Day Puddle Fun

  • Take a hike during a gentle rain to follow water that runs off your roof.
  • Where does it go in your yard? Where are puddles?
  • Where does it leave your yard?
  • Where does it go next? Use a map. Where is the closest creek or wetland?
  • Learn more: Rain is one way the Earth recycles water. We could not live without it. Read more about water in the Minnesota Weatherguide Environment Calendar.

    GO Card #25:
    Visit Your Ants

  • Follow an ant trail. Draw a trail map.
  • Can you find their home?
  • What are the ants doing? How fast do they move?
  • Do they all look alike?
  • Are the ants carrying anything? What?
  • Plan an experiment to answer a question about ants.
  • Learn more: See http://home.comcast.net/~rtruscio/ants/STRANGER.htm

    To learn more and to download the GO Cards, visit http://www.jeffersfoundation.org/go-cards.php

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