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The Global Education Project is a Canadian non-governmental organization with over 20 years of history in publishing fact-packed educational wall posters and producing live events to educate about important issues. The Global Education Project's previous poster on the Middle East is being used by over 200 colleges and universities in Canada, US, and internationally, as well as thousands of individuals and activist organizations.

In 2005, the Global Education Project's production team compiled an unparalleled collection of broad-based factual information on the state of the world's environment and distilled it into a series of jaw-dropping charts, maps, and graphs, now available on the wall poster Earth: A Graphic Look at the State of the World.

The information takes a bold look at a wide range of environmental issues-from climate change and species extinctions to debt, population, and food supply-giving a rare visual overview of the state of ecological and humanitarian conditions over the entire biosphere. It is an Executive Summary of the state of the planet.

This web site is the result of this work. The site (and the accompanying wall chart) are here to show you - in as clear, objective, and accessible a format as possible—the condition of the world—both its natural and human elements.

EARTH: A Graphic Look at the State of the World summarizes the conditions of the world's natural ecology and human cultures, their interactions and impact on each other.

EARTH is published in three formats; a full color 27 x 36 wall chart, an interactive web site, and a CD (with slide show, commentary, and printouts).

This integrated collection makes obvious the connections between apparently disparate topics core statistics on forests, soil, fresh water and ocean fisheries are side by side with the numbers on climate change, carbon dioxide emissions, wealth and power, food supply and oil supply, military budgets, population density, health, poverty, access to clean water and life expectancy.

Use this site to view the data, check out the wall chart, order a copy, or test your knowledge with the Earth Quiz. Also, consider signing up for the Earth Dispatch—our fantastic monthly newsletter that profiles one urgently important topic each month.

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