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As an advocate of "No Child Left Inside" Steve Maanum works to bring kids and nature together. As a teacher for thirty-four years, Steve worked to combine the traditional classroom learning with a hands-on nature experience. Now, as a retiree, Steve strives to achieve the same goal through stories, photography, and writing.

The message is clear - "Nature has a lot to offer, so experience it through reading, through writing, through the lens of a camera, and by just getting outside to look and listen to everything around you."

Steve offers the following programs:

Getting Plugged into Nature through Writing and Photography
This presentation emphasizes how nature can be the subject of your writing or the inspiration for your writing. I'll discuss the similarities and differences between writing books and writing for newspapers and magazines. I'll demonstrate how I use my camera as a researching tool while I take the audience along on a photographic and video Power Point journey that helps them learn about their natural world through the eyes of a wildlife photographer.

Using Technology, through Digital Photography, to Document Animal Behavior
This presentation demonstrates practical S.T.E.M. activities in which science and math are brought together through the technology of trail cameras, nesting box cameras, and time lapse cameras. This opens up the possibility of students being involved with a classroom project, community service project, or citizen science project related to filming and documenting the habits and behavior of a local wildlife species.

I will discuss and show examples including loons, wood ducks, and prairie chickens.

Both of these presentations are geared for groups of elementary students (30-120) and by combining my various backgrounds, the audiences learn about their natural world in entertaining ways.

For details and availability, please contact me at: 218-280-6659 or

An Artist's Profile and additional background information are available, upon request

$350 - half day (up to 3 presentations)
$550 - full day (up to 5 presentations)

Digital Photography Bridge to Nature Workshop
Digital Photography Bridge to Nature - Connecting youth to their natural world through the lens of a camera

Each four-hour workshop is standards-based, and designed to provide training for approximately 12-20 staff members in a variety of subject areas.

The format covers the use of digital cameras, basic photo tips, a hands-on photo activity, reviewing and discussing the photos taken by staff during the photo activity, downloading and editing techniques, and student project ideas. We'll show how to enhance your curriculum, not add to it!

  • FREE access to digital cameras and field guides for your students
  • LEARN new ways to tie digital photography experiences to state education standards
  • LEARN how to use student digital photos with WEB 2.0 applications
  • Targeted for Grades 3-9
  • 4.0 Continuing Ed Units Provided
  • Trainers will come to your school site

    To learn more, or to schedule a workshop for your school, contact:
    Steve Maanum
    Digital Bridge Project Coordinator

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    Steve Maanum
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