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Freshwater Future's mission is to ensure the healthy future of our waters in the Great Lakes region.

The Great Lakes are an international treasure like no other in the world-and they are at risk. Freshwater Future works to ensure the health of the Great Lakes for our children, grandchildren and future generations. We are dedicated to the belief that individuals can and do make a difference.

Project Grants: The Project Grant Program provides grant awards ranging from $500 to $3,500 to be used for specific project expenses. Grassroots organizations engaging in advocacy activities and projects to protect local lakes, rivers, wetlands, and other aquatic habitats will be considered.

Priority Funding Areas: The following program areas direct Freshwater Future's grant making for the Spring and Fall Project 2015 funding cycles. Projects to protect aquatic habitats in the following strategic program areas will be considered:

  • Projects to protect and restore wetlands that will result in ongoing or positive permanent change in the habitat;
  • On-the-ground restoration activities that include an action component to create permanent change (a small amount of funding for this area);
  • Advocating for low-impact solutions to community storm water issues;
  • Participation in land use planning and zoning;
  • Participation in watershed planning;
  • Watch-dogging and participating in the development, implementation, and enforcement of local, state, provincial, and federal aquatic habitat protection regulations;
  • Non-partisan voter education, voter registration, and candidate forums;
  • Advocating for naturally functioning river and coastal ecosystems;
  • Reducing polluted runoff;
  • Launching special initiatives or creating unique opportunities to strengthen citizen involvement in aquatic habitat protection and restoration;
  • Communicating how local wetlands, lakes and rivers are interconnected in the Great Lakes Basin.

    Applicants must become a member of Freshwater Future in order to apply. To become a member, or to access the grant application, visit

    The fall cycle deadline for Project Grants is September 30 and the Spring deadline is at the end of March.

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