EPA's Climate Change Emission Calculator Kit (Climate CHECK)

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The EPA's Climate CHECK is a free, user- friendly, Excel-based program designed to teach high-school students about the science, drivers, and impacts of climate change and provide them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to increase climate-change awareness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their school.

High school students can investigate the link between everyday actions at their high school, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Using EPA's Climate CHange Emission Calculator Kit (Climate CHECK) (WinZip of Excel spreadsheet, 3.4 MB) students can learn about climate change, estimate their school's greenhouse gas emissions and conceptualize ways to mitigate their school's climate impact. Students gain detailed understandings of climate-change drivers, impacts, and science; produce an emission inventory and action plan; and can even submit the results of their emission inventory to their school district. You can also use Portfolio Manager to compare the energy use of your school with other schools nationwide, and earn the ENERGY STAR for your school if it qualifies as a top performer.

What does Climate CHECK do?

  • Educates high-school students about climate change and greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Allows students to inventory their school's greenhouse gas emissions using built-in calculators and school-specific "activity data," and
  • Provides resources to help students develop and implement a mitigation action plan
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    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
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    Grades 10-12
    Grades 7-9
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    To download Climate CHECK, go to http://epa.gov/climatechange/wycd/school.html and click on the link under # 2. "High school students:"