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At LessonCorner our goal is not only to create the best collection of worksheets and lesson plans on the web, but also to make it free. Our freemium business model allows all users to access many of the site's features. In addition, users can receive a free 1 year premium membership by sharing their lessons and worksheets with the community.

LessonCorner has organized a collection of lesson plans and worksheets on various topics that range from broad (Science) and get more concentrated (Earth Science) and more specific (Environment).

The Environment lesson plans can be accessed at http://www.lessoncorner.com/Science/Earth_Science/Environment

Teachers can sort the lesson plans by grade and rate each lesson. You must create a user account before accessing the materials.

About Lesson Corner:
Lesson Corner is not a traditional software company. We have over ten years of experience in the Educational Technology market and are dedicated to building great web and software products and technologies that improve the online experience for teachers everywhere. We are programmers, marketers, testers, and advocates from around the world who are working to ensure that the Web remains a powerful informative resource. We believe that our standards enable and empower choice and innovation, and that everyone, everywhere is entitled to the safest, fastest and best possible online experience.

To view the Environmental lesson plans go to http://www.lessoncorner.com/Science/Earth_Science/Environment

For more information about Lesson Corner visit http://www.lessoncorner.com

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