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Dragonflies and Damselflies have been fascinating humans for thousands of years and are a fantastic tool to engage students. They can be found anywhere water is near, are easy to catch, and don't sting or bite (very hard). From historical dragon lore to scientific identification and citizen science reporting, in-depth study of the order Odonata can benefit all classrooms. This workshop includes a bit of background knowledge, a lot of hands-on exploration, and a bunch of classroom activities to bring home.

This four-hour workshop for educators examines dragonflies and damselflies in a new way; exposing their education connections to science, art, English, social studies and more. The workshop beings inside covering dragonfly natural history and doing hands-one curriculum connected activities and is followed by two hours outside catching, holding, and identifying as many dragonflies as we can catch. (In winter, we can auger holes in the ice and scoop out dragonfly nymphs to raise in the classroom.)

This experience is for educators of all types (formal and non). Attending a workshop includes a free electronic copy of the Dragonfly Curriculum Guide (includes 17 curriculum connected activities). The guide was written with middle and elementary students in mind but is adaptable to all grades. Educators can earn 4 CEUs for attending.

The workshops include:
- An intro to dragonfly and damselfly life histories and anatomy
- Techniques for dragon and damselfly ID
- Outdoor hands-on field time capturing and examining as many Odonata (order name for dragonflies and damselflies) as we can catch
- Citizen science connections
- 17 classroom activities with detailed background, instructions, & handouts

Workshops are best hosted at nature centers, schools, or other locations with both indoor education space and outside access to a wetland of any size or type (river, lake, pond, wet rain garden, etc.). Cost for workshops varies based on location and number of participants. Email Ami Thompson (ami@amithompson.com) to learn more about setting up a workshop.

Ami Thompson Consulting LLC, Dragonfly Environmental Education
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Citizen and Youth Groups
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All Minnesota
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The Dragonfly Curriculum Guide, written by Ami Thompson, is available separately on Amazon and B&N.com

4 Hours
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Ami Thompson, ami@amithompson.com, 612.501.1813, www.amithompson.com