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Abstract: from Project WET is a free online resource for students and teachers about water and water related topics.

The website offers eight units:
1. Blue Planet
2. The Water Cycle
3. Discover Our Ocean
4. Investigate Fresh Water
5. Explore Watersheds
6. Use Water Wisely
7. We All Use Water
8. Healthy Water Healthy People

Each unit on the Discover Water website provides students and educators with fun, interesting information and activities about water and the role it plays on our planet and in our lives. Included in each unit are the following sections:

Using this Website: Tips for Parents-A general resource for parents to use the Discover Water website with their children

Using this Website: Tips for Educators-A general resource for educators to use to create lessons tied to the Discover Water website and get tips for using this resource in the classroom

Supporting Project WET Materials-Project WET publications and activities correlated to the units

Educator Resources-Learning objectives, pre- and posttest assessments, answer keys and more

Standard Correlations-Common Core, National Science Standards (1996 & 2011) and Ocean Literacy Standards

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Project WET USA
Project WET Foundation
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Phone: (406) 585-4189
Toll Free in the USA: (866) 337-5486
Fax: (406) 522-0394

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