Crow River Trail Guards

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Crow River Trail Guards, Inc. is a self-funded private youth organization started in 1992 by Paynesville resident Tom Koshiol. The original intention of building a local trail system to promote environmental awareness through postitive exposure evolved to a system that now serves an average of 50 youths each season, and provides a wholesome service to the community.

How It Works
The Trail Guard organization is building and maintaining a park along the North Fork of the Crow River on 12 acres of city-owned land within the city limits of Paynesville. Long neglected and misused, the area is being restored as the Crow River Nature Park. Trail Guard members, ages 8 to 19, work at the park every Saturday morning, April through October, ending each work session with a group noon lunch. Work points are earned to be redeemed on Outdoor Adventure Rewards, a series of exciting, wholesome outdoor activities designed for personal growth in a wilderness setting. These trips are provided at no cost to the participating youths, making them available to kids who are willing to earn their points at the park, and who also show a commitment to the organization, and demonstrate the ability to help maintain group integrity.

Our Mission
A youth organization that promotes environmental and personal awareness through positive exposure and managed challenge.

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Outdoor Recreation
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Citizen and Youth Groups
Grades 10-12
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All Minnesota
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Tom Koshiol, Director
Crow River Trail Guards, Inc.
327 Augusta Ave.
Paynesville, MN 56362
Phone: (320) 243-4336

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