The Conway School: Graduate Program in Sustainable Landscape Planning and Design

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The Conway School of Landscape Design is the only institution of its kind in North America. It is located in western Massachusetts.

Conway's accredited Master of Arts in Landscape Design (MALD) degree program offers an integrated curriculum where classes complement design practice based on an apprenticeship model. Instruction occurs in a small, intimate, and supportive environment. There is an unambiguous emphasis on sustainability and regenerative design, including ecological and social responsibility, as well as on oral and written communication skills, and on project management. We define "landscape" and "design" very broadly to cover diverse topics in sustainable design and planning.

We explore, develop, practice, and teach design of the land that is ecologically and socially sustainable.

In the process we:

  • provide graduates with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to practice the planning, design, and management of the land that respects nature as well as humanity;
  • develop ecological awareness, understanding, respect, and accommodation in its students and project clients;
  • produce projects that fit human use to natural conditions.

    Each year through our accredited 10-month curriculum eighteen to nineteen graduate students from diverse backgrounds are immersed in a range of applied landscape studies that cross scales from site to region. Conway's nearly 600 graduates make significant contributions to the health of the planet and its citizens through their work in regenerative design, habitat restoration, conservation planning, land trusts, permaculture, bioengineering, urban agriculture, and much more.

    Current focus areas are:

  • Conservation
  • Food and Farms
  • Green Cities
  • International
  • Regenerative Design
  • Restoration
  • Campuses
  • For More information contact:
    Mollie Babize
    Conway School of Landscape Design
    332 South Deerfield Road
    PO Box 179
    Conway, MA 01341
    413-369-4044, x5

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    The Conway School
    PO Box 179
    332 South Deerfield Road
    Conway, MA 01341-0179

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