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Conserve School, is a semester school for high school juniors on the Wisconsin-Michigan border focused on the theme of environmental stewardship. Attending Conserve School gives high school students a one-semester opportunity to step out of their regular school and into an exceptional educational setting, while still continuing their required academic studies. Conserve School's challenging, college preparatory curriculum immerses high school juniors in environmental history, nature literature, and the science of conservation. Because Conserve School is located on a 1,200-acre wilderness campus, a significant portion of the curriculum is delivered via outdoors, hands-on, active learning.

Through the generosity of founder James R. Lowenstine, almost all of the costs related to attending the school will be covered for students over the next few semesters. For more information on this exceptional opportunity at an environmental and outdoor school on the edge of the pristine Sylvania Wilderness, visit, or contact them at Conserve School, 5400 North Black Oak Lake Road, Land O' Lakes, WI, 54540, Phone: (715) 547-1300, Toll Free: (866) 547-1300,

To watch a video about Minnesota high school students semester experience at Conserve School go to

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Environmental Studies
Environmental Sciences
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Grades 10-12
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Outside Minnesota
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Conserve School
5400 North Black Oak Lake Road
Land O' Lakes, WI, 54540
Phone: (715) 547-1300
Toll Free: (866) 547-1300

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