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CREED is an acronym for "Coon Rapids Regional Energy/Environment Demonstration."; Coon Rapids, because that is the area where most of our people come from; Regional, because our interest extends well beyond the city of Coon Rapids; Energy, because this is the resource which drives our technological society; Environment, because our major concerns are related to how our society's use of energy is impacting it; and Demonstration, because touch, see and participate are the most powerful educational tools available to us.

It has been proposed that we change our name to "Communities for Responsible Energy/Environment Demonstration" to better reflect our core mission and to put to rest the assumption on the part of some people that we are a parochial organization. Our concerns and mission are Minnesota State wide and, since environmental and increasingly economic concerns have no boundaries, global.

The mission of CREED is to educate Minnesotans about the impact of energy supply, conversion and use on our environment/ economic prosperity through 3E (Energy, Environment, Economy) materials and demonstration of sustainable technologies and lifestyles.

Education is the major focus of CREED. CREED was conceived and established to provide a service that is not available from any other source. CREED is addressing the major issues of energy, environment and economic development (3E), and how they interact. We are involved with the development of technical tools and hands-on help for the 3E education of our citizens, (K-adult), in Minnesota. These tools and helps relate to the way in which we extract, convert and use energy and the consequent effects these operations have on the physical environment (air, water and soil) in which we live, and their impact on the economic development and health of our State.

As educators we are acutely aware that the best and most effective learning process is a "hands-on" participatory one. The CREED Project therefore has two main long-term goals.

First, the establishment of an education center for the display and demonstration of working renewable energy, energy efficient and energy conserving technology models and systems, showing how these have very beneficial effects on the physical environment and the State's economic health.
Second, the writing and preparation of curricula, courses and teacher training/resource materials on these issues for use in colleges, schools, businesses and interested communities, and the offering of Continuing Education Graduate Credit Courses for teachers.

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Communities for Responsible Energy/Environment Demonstration
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