Children's Environmental Health Faculty Champions Initiative

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Goal: Build health professional capacity to address children's environmental health issues.

This initiative creates a network of children's environmental health faculty champions at medical and nursing schools throughout the country, who take a leadership role in integrating children's environmental health into their academic institutions in a sustainable fashion, train their colleagues, teach courses, provide expertise and support in their institutions and surrounding communities, and serve as a model for how to integrate environmental health into health professional education.

The effectiveness of NEEF's Children's Environmental Health Faculty Champions Initiative was studied. Based on this study, an article titled "Children's Environmetnal Health Faculty Champions Initiative: A Successful Model for Integrating Environmental Health into Pediatric Healthcare" was accepted for publication by Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP), the peer-reviewed journal of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The authors concluded that the initiative was highly effective and it demonstrated that the Faculty Champions model is a successful method which can be replicated in other arenas. A variety of environmental health tools and resources utilized by the Faculty Champions as they trained other health professionals and integrated pediatric environmental health into medical, nursing and physician assistant curricula and practice can be downloaded at NEEF's tools and resources -

About the Health & Environment Program
The goal of the Health & Environment Program is to advance environmental knowledge among health professionals in order to improve public health. Through a variety of initiatives, we facilitate the integration of environmental health into healthcare provider education and practice, with a special emphasis on children and other populations disproportionately impacted by environmental pollutants.

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