Chemical Safety Day Program (CSDP)

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The Chemical Safety Day Program (CSDP) is a cost-effective waste management program available to educational institutions and nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Minnesota. The CSDP works under the state hazardous waste contract and tailors the program to each customer's specific needs. The program is designed to assist schools and colleges in disposing of unwanted chemicals and hazardous waste from science, art, industrial technology, and maintenance departments. The program comes to the school site for pick-up.

Since 1981, the Chemical Safety Day Program has been offered to assist educational institutions and non-profit organizations in disposing of hazardous material/waste. The program is the result of joint efforts by the Minnesota Department of Education and the University of Minnesota. The Chemical Safety Day Program has helped hundreds of high schools, colleges, and nonprofit organizations in disposing of hazardous material/waste at a reasonable cost and in an environmentally responsible way.

Collected waste is processed at the Thompson Center for Environmental Management (TCEM) at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. Ninety percent of the waste processed at the TCEM comes from the University system and ten percent is collected from schools, institutions, and agencies through the Chemical Safety Day Program.

To participate, read the overview and follow the instructions to complete the manifests and package the material/waste. Please return completed manifests to the University of Minnesota by the Manifest Deadline Dates. (See Manifest Deadline Dates-Appendix 2).

All Participants are required to have a Federal "EPA ID Number" in order to participate in the Chemical Safety Day Program. The EPA ID Number must be on all completed manifest forms.

Check with your business manager, science instructors, bus maintenance and custodial personnel to see if your school, college or institution already has a Federal EPA ID Number. If you do not, or are not sure, call your metropolitan county office or, if you are located in greater Minnesota, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for assistance at 800) 657-3864 or (651) 297-8360.

Working together we can make your school, community, and the environment a safer place to work and live.

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