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The Character Challenge Course Company (C4) is a located 7 miles north of Park Rapids, Minnesota and features a low Team Initiatives Course & high Challenge Course. Both are effective tools that develop positive traits in team-building. The C4 complex is used to shape and mold character, teams, and businesses, and families. It is used to help overcome fears, build communication skills, develop teamwork, and reach one's fullest potential. Talented facilitators will debrief and discuss how these experiences relate to their everyday lives.

At C4, there is something for everybody. It doesn't matter if you are touring northern Minnesota, looking for a great zip line experience in Minnesota, planning a team-building activity for a business, or looking for an educational opportunity for students, the challenges you will find on our high course are exhilarating and will push you past your own expectations. Our low course will cause you to look for new ways to solve problems, communicate effectively, and see things from the perspective of others.

Our mission at the Character Challenge Course is to provide clients with first class, team-building experiences that will revolutionize the way they approach their relationships, vocation, and difficult circumstances. When faced with a challenging element on the Aerial Adventure Park, people must make a decision. Will they Take the Next Step, or will they hesitate? No matter their answer, feelings will abound. Talented facilitators will debrief and discuss how these experiences relate to their everyday lives.

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Character Challenge Course Company (C4)
13218 County Road 40
Park Rapids, Minnesota 56470

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