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Deadlines (annually): January 31 and September 30

The Captain Planet Foundation primarily makes grants to U.S.-based schools and organizations with an annual operating budget of less than $3 million. International requests are also accepted, with preference given to international projects who have U.S.-based partners.

Grants are made for activities that conform to the mission of the Captain Planet Foundation which is: To give the next generation of environmental stewards an active understanding and love for the natural world in which they live. Our unique program of funding and supporting hands-on environmental projects is designed to encourage innovative initiatives that inspire and empower children and youth around the world as they work individually and collectively creating environmental solutions in their homes, schools and communities.

Grants from the Captain Planet Foundation are intended to:

  • Provide hands-on environmental stewardship opportunities for youth
  • Serve as a catalyst to getting environment-based education in schools
  • Have real environmental outcomes
  • Inspire youth and communities to participate in community service through environmental stewardship activities
  • Captain Planet Foundation will accept small grant requests for amounts between $500 - $2,500. Preferential consideration is given to requests who have secured at least 50 percent matching or in-kind funding for their projects. (Projects with matching funds or in-kind support are given priority because external funding is a good indicator of the potential for long-term sustainability of the activities.) Captain Planet Foundation may choose to fund a portion of the project budget that best fits within the foundation guidelines or contact an applicant for further discussion.

    The Captain Planet Foundation will fund as many projects as its annual resources allow.

    The Captain Planet Foundation is an offshoot of the popular Captain Planet cartoon series created by TBS, Inc in 1990 and intended to entertain children while teaching them the importance of environmental responsibility. Captain Planet broke new ground by successfully merging children's educational programming and entertainment programming. The Captain Planet Foundation parted from TBS, Inc. in 2001 and is now operating as a 501c3 nonprofit public charity.

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    Environmental Studies
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    Citizen and Youth Groups
    Grades Pre K-6
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    All Minnesota
    Outside Minnesota
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    Captain Planet Foundation
    133 Luckie Street, 2nd Floor
    Atlanta, Georgia 30303