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Join Bruce the Bug Guy on a hunt for the most interesting insects in Minnesota-through the forest, across the prairie, and even in your own backyard.

Insects are everywhere and easy to find -- if you know where to look. Minnesota Bug Hunt puts you on the trail for insects big and small, fierce and friendly. Explore habitats as near as your own backyard and as focused as an oak tree or as populated as a swath of forest, and use your senses to discover the bugs who share our world. See those bright flowers? If they're goldenrod, you might find a Locust Borer Beetle feeding there. Listen carefully in a patch of prairie for the rasping of a male Broad-winged Katydid as he "sings" to find a mate.

Bruce Giebink introduces you to creatures familiar, like an earwig or firefly, and fascinating, like the Cecropia Moth or the Acorn Weevil. He shares fun facts about where they live and what they eat and how they protect themselves. Astonishingly detailed photos by Bill Johnson bring beetles and bumblebees, dragonflies and water bugs up close and personal so you can marvel at their unique body parts and vibrant colors.

Step outside with your eyes wide open and a net or magnifying glass in hand to discover these insects and many more on your own Minnesota bug hunt.

Entomologist Bruce Giebink -- better known as Bruce the Bug Guy -- offers activities for children of all ages through his entertainment company the Bug Zone.

Award-winning photographer Bill Johnson's work is featured in the Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America and in his Horticulture Magazine column, "Insect ID."

Available from the Minnesota Historical Society Press
April 2013
32 pages, color photos
ISBN: 978-0-87351-865-9

Text by Bruce Giebink, Photography by Bill Johnson
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Grades 7-9
Grades Pre K-6
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All Minnesota
32 pp.
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