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Becker County is a rural county located in West Central Minnesota about 40 miles east from the Minnesota - North Dakota border and about 240 miles northwest of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. The largest city in Becker County is Detroit Lakes which is located in the southwest quadrant of the county. The largest proportion of the population of the county is found in Detroit Lakes and in the three surrounding townships.

The land use in Becker County is transitional, consisting of three biomes; prairie, deciduous and pine. The County consists of more than 55 percent farmland for agricultural use and the remaining land is home to hundreds of lakes of varying sizes. These lake areas have many resorts, seasonally used cabins and year round homes. Due to these lakes, the land usage is predominately recreational because of the lakeshore and associated non-lakeshore properties with the predominant industry of tourism. There is a large influx of population during the summer months of the year, both seasonal residents and tourists. Becker County's population has been known to quadruple in the summer months due to the recreational opportunities in the County.

Becker County Environmental Services has an integrated waste management program which assists county residents and businesses with proper waste management. Assistance is provided in the following areas: recycling, organics diversion, waste reduction, reuse, household hazardous waste, backyard composting, and waste processing.

Becker County has free resources available to help environmental educators, both formal and informal, teach others about the environment. Resources include:

  • Staff available to present for events
  • Staff available to provide waste assessments to businesses
  • Fact sheets, brochures and incentive items
  • Displays available for loan
  • Learning trunks
  • For more information visit

    Becker County Environmental Services
    24413 County Hwy 144
    Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

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    Waste Management
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    Becker County Environmental Services
    24413 County Hwy 144
    Detroit Lakes, MN 56501
    218-846-7266 (fax)