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Climate change is impacting us now, and in many ways. Knowing what to expect can help us prepare for changes and improve the resiliency of our communities and countryside. We must also continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home, work, school, and on the road.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) created and compiled resources on adaptation to climate change for the 2014 Eco Experience exhibit, Minnesota's Changing Climate. These electronic resources are available for use and free download.

Five main themes are addressed with recommendations on both adapting to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Five information panels were developed for the themes. The content of the info panels is available at .

The themes were:

1. Wilder Weather-the extreme and often bizarre weather we are experiencing is an expected consequence of climate change
2. Shifting Species-warming temperatures stress trees; coniferous forests may no longer thrive in northern Minnesota
3. Stressed Communities -there are many ways communities can strengthen their resilience to climate change
4. A Few Degrees Matter--The increase in temperature over the past century of nearly 2°F has already started to cause problems in Minnesota, including heavier rainstorms and the spread of invasive species.
5. Act Now -- take action now to reduce, adapt, and prepare

A special webpage was created to provide information on community resilience to climate change. Learn more at

Explore new data on climate change from the 2014 National Climate Assessment published by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. This webpage highlights a few of the changes reported in the 2014 Assessment -

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