History of EE in Minnesota

EE history imageThe Minnesota Association for Environmental Education has a chronology of the milestones, events, and activities that shaped environmental education in Minnesota.

The Environmental Education Advisory Board (EEAB) (1990-2008) and the Environmental Education Advisory Task Force (2008 – 2010) played key roles in developing Minnesota’s EE efforts. The EEAB guided the creation of the first GreenPrint document. The task force carried on the work of guiding EE in the state when the EEAB was dissolved.

Leadership initiative

The Minnesota Environmental Education Leadership Initiative (MEELI) was a partnership between the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the University of Minnesota Extension from 2007- 2009. It was formed to support leadership development opportunities for Minnesota's environmental education community. The initiative conducted a needs assessment of Minnesota's environmental education community. You can find more information about the assessment here: https://umconnect.umn.edu/meelipres


Minnesota's Waste Management Act includes provisions for a state plan and goals for EE, creates an ongoing advisory group to assist with implementation, and addresses the need for providing EE resources statewide.