Environmental Literacy Scope and Sequence

Scope and sequence imageThe Scope and Sequence tool describes key concepts of EE and a sequence in which they are to be taught, from pre-K to adult learning. It also discusses benchmarks, standards, and applications of the tool. The tool enables EE instructors to create curriculum most appropriate for their students.  

Scope: The vision of what the students should have achieved at the end of their entire school experience.

Sequence: A series of age-appropriate targets that students achieve on their way to mastering the scope.

PDF iconEnvironmental Literacy Scope and Sequence

Japanese-language translation

A group of Japanese educators found Minnesota's scope and sequence to be such a valuable resource that they translated the document into Japanese.

PDF iconEnvironmental Literacy Scope and Sequence - Japanese language version

Credits: Tomoki Saito, Hiroyuki Haraguchui, Yoshisuke Kumano Ph.D.